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Union Street Technologies is the UK’s leading provider of telecoms billing, provisioning, and customer management solutions to service providers operating in the communications, data, and IT sectors. Our multi-award winning software solutions are used extensively throughout the UK and Europe to manage communications and data services including fixed line, cloud, mobile, data and next generation networks.


Used by over 600 communication providers, aBILLity is a total solution for billing and provisioning connectivity services. Processing and rating usage data from all suppliers then combining this into one bill for end-users, aBILLity offers sophisticated functionality for revenue assurance, forecasting, reporting and even fraud detection, giving you complete control over revenues. aBILLity is both versatile and scalable, making it suitable for start-ups all the way up to large wholesalers.

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Designed for wholesalers of ICT services, MOSAIX provides a white-labelled provisioning portal for use by reseller partners to quote, order and provision products and services. Behind the scenes, a flexible yet powerful business process management engine ensures a smooth journey to completion for each order. In short, MOSAIX seamlessly combines business process management with effortless partner ordering, facilitating a complete end to end orchestration of service delivery.

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The revolution is

Are you a communication provider that's looking to take your business to the next tier? Scheduled for release in 2019, this disruptive new solution will enable providers of next generation network services to maximise margins and take complete control of their estate.

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Our values

We’re independent

We’re independent

Unlike many competitors, we are independent, privately owned and unaffiliated with any service providers, ensuring no conflict of interest for you or your business.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Our billing solutions are completely agnostic, giving you the flexibility to work with unlimited suppliers and build a highly competitive portfolio of services for your customers.

Product innovation

Product innovation

We invest, on average, 35 percent of annual revenues into the development of our billing software. As a result we have been first to market with many breakthrough solutions

Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality

Our comms billling software is unique and exclusively developed and tested at Union Street’s UK headquarters by our large team using the latest development methods and practices.

Tried and trusted

Tried and trusted

Our solutions are used by over 600 communication providers in the UK and Europe. We provide trusted solutions that continually enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Our expert consultancy team are specialists in their field, many of whom have worked in the telecoms channel for a number of years and possess a vast knowledge of telecoms billing from the perspective of the CP.

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“When fraud occurs it’s extremely damaging, both in monetary terms and to the customer relationship. aBILLity along with our out of hours coverage provides us with a comprehensive tool set for stopping fraud early. This has enabled us to launch our Fraud Limitation Cover, which provides valuable peace of mind to consumers, and acts as a great value add for our resellers’ services.”

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Blizzard Telecom

"When I established Channel Telecom we needed a reliable and scalable billing solution for our channel partners. Union Street’s aBILLity platform has met our needs in every regard."

Clifford Norton, Managing Director, Channel Telecom

"Highnet spent a year looking at several options for billing because it was an important step and essential that we get it right. aBILLity proved to be the best option and we have used the platform very successfully ever since."

David J Siegel, Managing Director, Highnet.

"Union Street provides a holistic back-office solution that not only covers billing for voice, data and mobile, but also provides us with integration for accounts and CRM."

Darren Scott-Healey, CEO, Peach Technologies.

"With 20 billion devices worldwide being connected by 2017, Gteq needed a robust, reliable and proven billing solution we could depend on to bill M2M solutions. aBILLity has proven to be the perfect solution in this regard and the ideal platform to support our growing partner channel."

Karl McCaffrey, CEO, GridTeq

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