The aBILLity Telecom Billing System


The aBILLity billing platform

Our aBILLity billing platform has been developed over many years to provide you with a total solution for billing, analysis of call detail records (CDRs), provisioning, real-time analysis, fraud prevention, and interfaces for accounts and CRM packages. aBILLity is a tried and trusted solution, used by over 600 communication providers as the bedrock of their network service operations.


Telecoms revenue assurance

Using aBILLity's advanced revenue assurance functionality allows you to conduct detailed CDR analysis, ensuring that you aren't selling services at a loss and that suppliers are billing you at the correct rate. You can also create innovative packages and price plans to increase margin and add to the bottom line, without necessarily increasing published tariffs.


WebaBILLity Pro - telecoms billing web portal

WebaBILLity Pro is an online telecoms billing management portal that interfaces with the aBILLity platform to provide end-user customers access to their billing information via the web. WebaBILLity Pro takes data from Union Street's market leading aBILLity billing platform automatically in real time, without the need for manual intervention. The WebaBILLity Pro portal can be customised and white-labelled to match a CPs branding.

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LineGuard - comms fraud management

aBILLity's LineGuard fraud management software can detect and in some cases even halt fraudulent activity. The LineGuard module uses a sophisticated algorithm to scan CDR records and detect unusual calling patterns or charge rates in a customer billing account. LineGuard then alerts the reseller and, if configured, automatically blocks the line using aBILLity's WLR3 interface. LineGuard is populated with The Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum's (TUFF) hotlist of known fraudulent numbers.


WLR3 integration

Union Street's award winning WLR3 (Wholesale Line Rental 3) software gives you complete control over your clients' WLR3 assets. Integrating billing with WLR3 gives significant business benefits in terms of reduced data entry, faster order processing, extra validation and reduced errors.

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Back-office integration

We have worked with many other leading software providers, including Microsoft and Sage, to develop integrations with other back-office solutions. These integrations lead to less duplicated data entry, time savings and improved accuracy. Through open APIs, aBILLity can be integrated with almost any other solution.


Additional features


aBILLity will scale effortlessly as your business grows. Ideal for start-ups or large CPs.

Market leader

The aBILLity platform is by far the most widely used billing platform for UK communication providers.

First to market

A proven track record in being first to market with the most important new functionality.

Flexible delivery

aBILLity can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, self-managed or as a managed bureau solution. The choice is yours.

Fast CDR processing

aBILLity imports and rates call data records at speeds of up to 20,000,000 per hour.

Unlimited choice

aBILLity can process services from any and all service providers, giving you unlimited choice for suppliers.

Some interesting statistics

client companies
client companies
pounds of retail billing p/a
pounds of retail billing p/a

Trusted by leading communications providers

We are award winning, here are some of our recognitions



Independent Software Vendor 2018


Channel Marketing Campaign of the Year 2017


Best Billing Platform Winner 2016

“When fraud occurs it’s extremely damaging, both in monetary terms and to the customer relationship. aBILLity along with our out of hours coverage provides us with a comprehensive tool set for stopping fraud early. This has enabled us to launch our Fraud Limitation Cover, which provides valuable peace of mind to consumers, and acts as a great value add for our resellers’ services.”

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Blizzard Telecom

"When I established Channel Telecom we needed a reliable and scalable billing solution for our channel partners. Union Street’s aBILLity platform has met our needs in every regard."

Clifford Norton, Managing Director, Channel Telecom

"Highnet spent a year looking at several options for billing because it was an important step and essential that we get it right. aBILLity proved to be the best option and we have used the platform very successfully ever since."

David J Siegel, Managing Director, Highnet.

"Union Street provides a holistic back-office solution that not only covers billing for voice, data and mobile, but also provides us with integration for accounts and CRM."

Darren Scott-Healey, CEO, Peach Technologies.

"With 20 billion devices worldwide being connected by 2017, Gteq needed a robust, reliable and proven billing solution we could depend on to bill M2M solutions. aBILLity has proven to be the perfect solution in this regard and the ideal platform to support our growing partner channel."

Karl McCaffrey, CEO, GridTeq

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